Successful aging: the need for objective and subjective measurement

Farina, Francesca
Student Psychology Journal, 2: 1—11, 2011

Promoting greater health in old age is becoming an increasing concern
globally as life expectancy continues to rise. By the year 2050, the
population of individuals aged sixty and above is projected to equal the
young population (fifteen or younger) for the first time (World Population
Ageing: 1950–2050, 2001). Accordingly, the challenge of improving
quality of life in addition to length of life faces both ageing research and
policy alike. Methodologies employed to measure ‘successful ageing’
however, vary greatly across the literature. In particular, the use of
objective or subjective measures has been debated. This paper aims to
investigate the relative utility of these methodologies. The importance of
including both criteria in measuring successful ageing will be discussed.