Publication Type: Journal Article

The spread of fear: Symbolic generalization mediates graded threat-avoidance in specific phobia

The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 67(2): 247—259, 2014
Dymond, Simon and Schlund, Michael W and Roche, Bryan and Whelan, Robert
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Very large fMRI study using the IMAGEN database: Sensitivity–specificity and population effect modeling in relation to the underlying anatomy

NeuroImage, 61(1): 295—303, 2012
Thyreau, Benjamin and Schwartz, Yannick and Thirion, Bertrand and Frouin, Vincent and Loth, Eva and Vollstädt-Klein, Sabine and Paus, Tomas and Artiges, Eric and Conrod, Patricia J and Schumann, Gunter and others
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Preliminary evidence for correlation between PASAT performance and P3a and P3b amplitudes in progressive multiple sclerosis

European journal of neurology, 18(5): 792—795, 2011
Kiiski, H and Whelan, R and Lonergan, R and Nolan, H and Kinsella, K and Hutchinson, M and Tubridy, N and Reilly, RB
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Temporal discrimination thresholds in adult-onset primary torsion dystonia: an analysis by task type and by dystonia phenotype

Journal of neurology, 259(1): 77—82, 2012
Bradley, D and Whelan, R and Kimmich, O and O’Riordan, S and Mulrooney, N and Brady, P and Walsh, R and Reilly, RB and Hutchinson, S and Molloy, F and others
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Derived same and opposite relations produce association and mediated priming

international Journal of psychology and psychological therapy, 5(3), 2005
Whelan, Robert and Cullinan, Veronica and O’Donovan, Aoife and Rodr’iguez Valverde, Miguel
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Comparing endophenotypes in adult-onset primary torsion dystonia

Movement Disorders, 25(1): 84—90, 2010
Bradley, David and Whelan, Robert and Walsh, Richard and O’dwyer, John and Reilly, Richard and Hutchinson, Siobhan and Molloy, Fiona and Hutchinson, Michael
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Empirical models of formative augmenting in accordance with the relations of same, opposite, more-than and less-than

Revista Internacional de Psicolog’ia y Terapia Psicológica, 4(2): 285—302, 2004
Whelan, Robert
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Relating derived relations as a model of analogical reasoning: reaction times and event-related potentials

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 84(3): 435—451, 2005
Barnes-Holmes, Dermot and Regan, Donal and Barnes-Holmes, Yvonne and Commins, Sean and Walsh, Derek and Stewart, Ian and Smeets, Paul M and Whelan, Robert and Dymond, Simon
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Interfacing relational frame theory with cognitive neuroscience: Semantic priming, the implicit association test, and event related potentials

Revista Internacional de Psicolog’ia y Terapia Psicológica, 4(2): 215—240, 2004
Barnes-Holmes, Dermot

Knowing me, knowing you: Deictic complexity in false-belief understanding

The Psychological Record, 57(4): 533, 2007
McHugh, Louise and Barnes-Holmes, Yvonne and Barnes-Holmes, Dermot and Whelan, Robert and Stewart, Ian
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