Publication Type: Journal Article

Neural correlates of oddball detection in self-motion heading: a high-density event-related potential study of vestibular integration

Experimental brain research, 219(1): 1—11, 2012
Nolan, H and Butler, JS and Whelan, R and Foxe, JJ and Bülthoff, HH and Reilly, RB
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Reframing relational frame theory research: Gaining a new perspective through the application of novel behavioral and neurophysiological methods

Advances in relational frame theory: research and application: 151—177, 2013
Whelan, Robert and Schlund, Michael W
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Journal of the experimental analysis of behavior, 94(1): 37—55, 2010
Dymond, Simon and Whelan, Robert
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A test of the discrimination account in equivalence class formation

Learning and motivation, 43(1): 8—13, 2012
Wang, Ting and McHugh, Louise A and Whelan, Robert
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The spread of fear: Symbolic generalization mediates graded threat-avoidance in specific phobia

The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 67(2): 247—259, 2014
Dymond, Simon and Schlund, Michael W and Roche, Bryan and Whelan, Robert
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Very large fMRI study using the IMAGEN database: Sensitivity–specificity and population effect modeling in relation to the underlying anatomy

NeuroImage, 61(1): 295—303, 2012
Thyreau, Benjamin and Schwartz, Yannick and Thirion, Bertrand and Frouin, Vincent and Loth, Eva and Vollstädt-Klein, Sabine and Paus, Tomas and Artiges, Eric and Conrod, Patricia J and Schumann, Gunter and others
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Preliminary evidence for correlation between PASAT performance and P3a and P3b amplitudes in progressive multiple sclerosis

European journal of neurology, 18(5): 792—795, 2011
Kiiski, H and Whelan, R and Lonergan, R and Nolan, H and Kinsella, K and Hutchinson, M and Tubridy, N and Reilly, RB
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Temporal discrimination thresholds in adult-onset primary torsion dystonia: an analysis by task type and by dystonia phenotype

Journal of neurology, 259(1): 77—82, 2012
Bradley, D and Whelan, R and Kimmich, O and O’Riordan, S and Mulrooney, N and Brady, P and Walsh, R and Reilly, RB and Hutchinson, S and Molloy, F and others
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Comparing endophenotypes in adult-onset primary torsion dystonia

Movement Disorders, 25(1): 84—90, 2010
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Empirical models of formative augmenting in accordance with the relations of same, opposite, more-than and less-than

Revista Internacional de Psicolog’ia y Terapia Psicológica, 4(2): 285—302, 2004
Whelan, Robert
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