Publication Type: Journal Article

When optimism hurts: inflated predictions in psychiatric neuroimaging

Biological psychiatry, 75(9): 746—748, 2014
Whelan, Robert and Garavan, Hugh
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Fractionating the impulsivity construct in adolescence

Neuropsychopharmacology, 38(1): 250, 2013
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The neurobiology of successful abstinence

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A transformation of discriminative functions in accordance with equivalence relations

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Dymond, Simon and Whelan, Robert and Smeets, Paul M
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A Deterministic and Symbolic Regression Hybrid Applied to Resting-State fMRI data

{journal}, 2013
Icke, Ilknur and Allgaier, Nicholas A and Danforth, Christopher M and Whelan, Robert A and Garavan, Hugh P and Bongard, Joshua C and Consortium, IMAGEN
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Symptom overlap in anxiety and multiple sclerosis

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Ó Donnchadha, Seán and Burke, Teresa and Bramham, Jessica and O’Brien, Marie Claire and Whelan, Robert and Reilly, Richard and Kiiski, Hanni and Lonergan, Róis’in and Kinsella, Katie and Kelly, Siobhán and others
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The orbitofrontal cortex, drug use and impulsivity: can teenage rebellion be predicted through neural correlates?

Future Neurology, 7(5): 507—509, 2012
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Only low frequency event-related EEG activity is compromised in multiple sclerosis: insights from an independent component clustering analysis

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Relational frame theory and the experimental analysis of language and cognition

Revista Latinoamericana de Psicologia, 37(2): 255—275, 2005
Barnes-Holmes, D and Valverde, MR and Whelan, R
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