Publication Type: Journal Article

Neural adaptations associated with interlimb transfer in a ballistic wrist flexion task

Frontiers in human neuroscience, 10, 2016
Ruddy, Kathy L and Rudolf, Anne K and Kalkman, Barbara and King, Maedbh and Daffertshofer, Andreas and Carroll, Timothy J and Carson, Richard G
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One for all: The effect of extinction stimulus typicality on return of fear

Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 57: 37—44, 2017
Scheveneels, Sara and Boddez, Yannick and Bennett, Marc Patrick and Hermans, Dirk
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Bending rules: the shape of the perceptual generalisation gradient is sensitive to inference rules

Cognition and Emotion: 1—9, 2016
Boddez, Yannick and Bennett, Marc Patrick and van Esch, Silke and Beckers, Tom
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The effect of the typicality of an extinction stimulus on return of fear

{journal}, 2016
Scheveneels, Sara and Belmans, E and Boddez, Yannick and Bennett, Marc Patrick and Hermans, Dirk

Generalization of human fear acquisition and extinction within a novel arbitrary stimulus category

PloS one, 9(5): e96569, 2014
Vervoort, Ellen and Vervliet, Bram and Bennett, Marc and Baeyens, Frank

From bad to worse: Symbolic equivalence and opposition in fear generalisation

Cognition and Emotion, 29(6): 1137—1145, 2015
Bennett, Marc and Hermans, Dirk and Dymond, Simon and Vervoort, Ellen and Baeyens, Frank
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Perceptual and conceptual similarities facilitate the generalization of instructed fear

Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry, 48: 149—155, 2015
Bennett, Marc and Vervoort, Ellen and Boddez, Yannick and Hermans, Dirk and Baeyens, Frank
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Words putting pain in motion: the generalization of pain-related fear within an artificial stimulus category

Frontiers in psychology, 6, 2015
Bennett, Marc P and Meulders, Ann and Baeyens, Frank and Vlaeyen, Johan WS
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