Zhipeng Cao

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Cao Z, Li Y, Hitchman G, et al. Neural correlates underlying insight problem solving: Evidence from EEG alpha oscillations. Experimental brain research, 2015, 233(9): 2497-2506.

Jollans L, Cao Z, Icke I, et al. Ventral Striatum Connectivity During Reward Anticipation in Adolescent Smokers. Developmental Neuropsychology, 2016: 1-16.

Zeng, J., Cao, Z., Huang, J., Hitchman, G., & Zhang, Q. (2014). Predictability influences whether outcomes are processed in terms of original or relative values. Brain and Cognition, 90, 1-7.

Tan, G., Hou, Y., Cao, Z. (2013). Neural correlates of compound remote associate problems: An ERP study. Studies of Psychology and Behavior, 6, 746-751.


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