Rory Boyle

About Rory:

I graduated with a BSc in Psychology from DCU in 2014, and an MSc in Brain Sciences from the University of Glasgow in 2016.

My BSc research project compared the effects of aerobic exercise and caffeine consumption on measures of mood and cognitive performance. My MSc research project used EEG to investigate the age-related differences in the visual processing of faces. Specifically, my project examined whether there were differences in the information content of brain activity during the visual processing of faces.

I have also worked as a Research Assistant for Dr. Stella Vlachou in the Behavioural Neuroscience Lab in DCU and for Dr. Michael Keane on a pilot study investigating the use of neurofeedback to improve sporting and cognitive performance in Gaelic footballers.

I am currently working as a Research Assistant in the Whelan Lab using EEG, fMRI and behavioural methods to investigate potential predictors of successful smoking cessation and to examine what brain changes occur in response to nicotine abstinence.

My research interests include addiction, ageing and dementia, psychopathology and neurological disorders. Specifically, I am interested in using neuroscientific methods (EEG, fMRI) to uncover biomarkers of dementia, substance addiction, etc, which will allow for earlier diagnoses and better measurements of treatment efficacy.