Rachel Knight

About Rachel

I graduated from a B.A (Hons) in Psychology at TCD earlier this year and am studying for an MSc in Applied Psychology. Previously, I worked in TCIN as part of the Newell Lab studying sensory perception in older adults, and as a research assistant in the Children’s Research Centre with Dr Elizabeth Nixon. My B.A. thesis focused on the relationship between distinct types of social support and their effect on wellbeing in adolescence. My MSc thesis focuses on psychosocial differences between men and women with ADHD.

Current research

Currently, I am employed part-time as a research assistant under the supervision of Dr Robert Whelan, Dr Marc Bennett and Dr Hanni Kiiski, assisting on various projects relating to ADHD that employ both EEG and behavioural methods. I was attracted to the project due to its partial focus on comorbid ADHD and GAD, the interaction between which interests me hugely. Outside of my work at the lab, my research interests include adolescent psychopathology, improving mental health in prison populations, and the disproportionate levels of psychopathology in individuals who identify as Bisexual.



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knight (at) tcd (dot) ie

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