Laura O’Halloran

Laura O'Halloran - PhotographAbout Laura:

In 2012 I graduated from U.C.D. with a first class honours B.A. in Psychology, having previously obtained a B.A. degree in English literature from U.C.D. also. In 2014, I began my PhD in Psychology at Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience under the supervision of Professor Robert Whelan and was awarded IRC funding in 2016.


Current research:

My PhD research focuses on identifying neural, cognitive, and behavioural and personality correlates of substance misuse (nicotine and alcohol). I am currently focused on furthering our understanding of brain and behavioural changes related to successful nicotine abstinence, using high-density EEG.

I am currently also funded by the Health Research Board, working as a research assistant with Professor Whelan in identifying diagnostic markers for addiction and the personalized treatment of addiction.

Working with clinical populations therapeutically is of great importance to me and I have three years experience working as an assistant psychologist in clinical settings.  One of my goals is to integrate my research findings related to substance misuse into clinical practice.