Eoin Dooley

   “I received a B.A. (First Class Hons.) in Psychology with Trinity College Dublin in 2017, and was awarded the Ray Fuller Scholarship Prize for a group project concerning folk paradigms for mental health issues and how they relate to attitudes and behaviour. My Final Year Project examined a ubiquitous statistical distribution known as Benford’s law and how it underpins laws and processes in psychophysics, with particular regard to explaining magnitude estimation biases like pseudoneglect in the context of statistically optimal perception.

Previously, I have worked a research internship under Professor Ian Robertson in TCD, initially conducting online research to examine attitudes to advertisements through factor analysis, then investigating the relationship between baseline eye blink rate and striatal dopamine levels and its correspondence to neurological systems of reward in goal-directed and habitual behaviours. I have also performed medical data entry for breast cancer research with the Royal College of Surgeons.


My interests are fairly broad and eclectic, but at the moment I am primarily concerned with embodied, statistical and neurological approaches to understanding phenomena like attention, language and multisensory integration in higher order perception.”