Clodagh Cremen

About Clodagh:
I graduated with first class BSc in Psychology in 2015 from Maynooth University. I also hold a first class MSc in Applied Psychology from Trinity College Dublin. My MSc thesis explored the efficacy of an electrodermal biofeedback intervention in reducing arousal and the effect this had on one’s sustained attention.
During my MSc, I worked as an Assistant Psychologist in a practice that offered assessment and diagnostic services to people with neurodevelopmental conditions. I have also previously worked as a Research Assistant with Tüsla, on a study which examined the prevalence of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in a population of young offenders. This research aimed to understand the relationship between TBI, substance abuse, and mental health disorders within this population and how these variables may contribute to criminal behaviours.
At present I’m working, jointly in the Whelan Lab and the Bokde Lab, as a Research Assistant on the IMAGEN study, which is a European research project examining how biological, psychological, and environmental factors during adolescence may influence brain development and mental health. This study has been following over 2,000 individuals across Europe since they were young adolescents and is now in its 3rd phase, with the participants all being young adults.