Brian Pennie

About Brian:

Upon completion of my undergraduate studies at Maynooth University, I began an IRC funded research masters at Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience (TCIN). My primary research interests reside around the basic functional processes underpinning addiction, and how such processes can facilitate a greater appreciation of how to treat substance use disorders.

Current research:

My current research at TCIN aims to determine the relative impact of response inhibition and reward processing on alcohol consumption in adults with symptoms of anxiety and ADHD; and to use advanced statistical modelling (e.g. machine learning) to quantify the interactions among these psychological processes. My research agenda is also heavily influenced by Relational Frame Theory (RFT; a basic account of human language and cognition), and how this approach can facilitate a deeper understanding of addictive behaviour. In parallel with this approach, and based on my own personal experience with both addiction and meditative practices, my long-term goal is to empirically explore the basic functional processes that provide the framework for mindfulness as an effective evidence based treatment for addictive disorders. Bridging the divide between basic science and clinical applications is a crucial feature of my research interests.


Professional Profiles:

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